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This waterfront house features elegant, functional solutions to the demands of climate. Oriented to the southern water views, the house is organized in layers. Intersecting these layers is a strong linear axis created by the masonry external stairs passing through the bilaterally symmetrical massing of the house. The result is a prototypic Southern "dog trot" house. To take full advantage of the breezes, the main living space was located on the second level. The generous five-foot roof overhangs protect from the summer heat and provide shelter for both the outdoor breakfast area and the balcony off the master bedroom.  A 14,000-gallon cistern was incorporated into the design. It was formed by displacing a piece from the lower level; the top surface of the cistern became the exterior back terrace.  The interior spaces are continuous and open. Classic Modern furniture, white walls, and a terra cotta floor reinforce the feeling of uncluttered comfort.